Saturday, June 21, 2014


If you have the stack cooker or you are planning to order one, here are some great tips for you. If you wish to order a stack cooker please click on the following link which will connect you to my website  Learning to use the stack cooker can save you a lot of time in the kitchen. It is also safer for the kids learning to cook since you don't have to worry about them using the stove and/or oven.
• The oven vs. microwave ratio is 4 to 1. What takes 40 mins. In the oven takes 10 in the micro! 
The microwave is a real money saver since it is a smaller appliance and much more efficient. 
• You can cook 85% of everything you cook on the stove or in the oven in your microwave. 
• All cooking in the stack cooker is on high temperature unless otherwise noted. 
• Remember, all microwaves are a little different, just like stoves and ovens. You will have to 
experiment a little and adjust the times to your microwave. It is best to start with a shorter amount 
of time until you have more knowledge. 
• Cooking times: Meats- 6 mins per lb. Fish-3 mins per lb. Eggs-1 min per egg (poke eggs to 
prevent explosions! 
• Hamburger browned in the colander has the same amount of fat as chicken. 
• Brown hamburger in the colander, discard the fat and cholesterol. Add sloppy joe mix, taco 
seasoning, spaghetti sauce, chili or prepare a casserole and microwave accordingly. 
• Cook a whole chicken in the stack cooker, set the chicken onto the cone, sprinkle with paprika (the 
chicken will be golden brown) Cover and Cook 6 min per lb. Yummy & quick! 
• Use regular box mixes, following box directions to mix, in general 10 minutes microwave time. 
• Use the 3 qt bowl with the cone 
• Do not grease or flour, the casserole is nonstick. 
• To cut out fat & calories, substitute equal amounts of applesauce for the oil. 
• Let stand 5 minutes after cooking and removing from the pan. 
• Cakes will pull away from the edge of the pan when done. 

• Take any powdered cake mix plus a can of pie filling and 3 eggs. Mix together and cook 14 
• Angel Foods – buy one-step box mix. Split the batter in half, cook 15 min in large bowl, repeat 
for the other half of batter. 
• Rice Krispie Bars – put 40 marshmallows and 2 TBSP margarine in 3 qt casserole. Cook 2 min 
uncovered. Stir, cook 1 min stir, and pour over 6 cups of rice krispies. Stir and pat into pan. 
• Almond Bark – 1 ½ lb pkg almond bark. Put in 1 ¾ stack cooker cover, cook 3 min stir, Stays 
creamy and workable approx 20 mins. 
• Incorporate a dark ingredient (whole grain flour, molasses, or chocolate) into the batter to get a 
product that is darker than one made with white flour. 
• Grease and coat the casserole with toasted wheat germ or finely chopped nuts for a crust like color 
and texture. 
• When making muffins, use double paper cups to absorb excess moisture. 
• Increase leavening by 10% when baking scratch recipes. Rapid cooking doesn’t give leavening 
time to work. .• Items with leavening ingredients need to sit 5 minutes BEFORE you put in the microwave, so the 
ingredients can “activate”. 
• Graham cracker crusts can be “baked” on high for 1-½ minutes. 
• Use the cone on most cakes. It promotes more even cooking. Smaller cakes like the pineapple 
upsi8de down cake do not need the cone. 
• Mix, don’t beat most cake batters. The mixer puts extra air in the batter that is not necessary in a 
micro-baked cake. It won’t hurt it but it isn’t necessary 
• For pasta & noodles, put just enough water to cover. Cook covered. It usually takes 7-9 minutes 
for about 2 cups of pasta. 
• Corn on the cob takes approx. 2 minutes per ear. 
• Fresh & Frozen vegetables take very little water to cook, just rinse before cooking. Most 
vegetables take 7-8 minutes for 2 ½ to 3 cups. Green beans are denser and take a bit longer. 
• Instead of boiling potatoes on the stove, do it in the stack cooker. It will only take 8-10 minutes 
for approx. 6 medium potatoes. You can leave a little water that is left and mash that right into the 
• Instant Rice – 2 cups rice plus 2 cups water stir and cook approx 8-=9 minutes. 
• Long cooking rice – boil 1 cup water, add ¾ cup of rice, cook 6-7 min.