Saturday, January 17, 2015


Keep your potatoes fresh until the last mash! Store potatoes in this great new product that is currently on sale through January 30 for only $19 each. Click on the following link to go to my website and check out all the color combinations available.

Potato Smart Container - Pink Punch Cover/Pink Punch Base
Save $11.00—$30.00 value
(Go to my website by clicking above link for other color combinations.)

Fresh to the last mash

Keep your potatoes fresh and firm with the all new Potato Smart Container. With its convenient design, the container’s flip-front access panel has the ideal number of holes to ensure optimal air circulation. Plus, stack it neatly and efficiently with Modular Mates® containers, other Potato Smart Containers or the Onion & Garlic Smart Container without restricting air flow to potatoes.
• 5½ qt./5.5 L.
• Available in Black base/Black cover, Black base/Passion cover, Passion base/Passion cover, Passion base/Black Pink Punch Cover/Pink Punch Base, Pink Punch Cover/Black Base, Pink Punch Cover/Passion Punch Base, Black Cover/Pink Punch Base, and Passion Cover/Pink Punch Base cover combinations