Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Save up to 50% for a Limited Time on these FridgeSmart Sets

Now is the time to stock up on FridgeSmart containers. Save 40% on a six-piece set and save 50% on a eleven-piece set.  You will soon pay for these items by your savings in food you don't have to throw away.  They are awesome.  Click on this link for more information and click on shop our product gallery. From there click on the on sale link.

FridgeSmart® 6-Pc. Set

FridgeSmart® 6-Pc. Set
Save $50.00—$124.00 value

Vent your veggies

Sniffing and squeezing to find the best produce is just the beginning. Don’t let it go to waste in the fridge before you even have a chance to enjoy it. Produce stays fresher longer in this unique collection with adjustable airflow vents.
Includes two each of the ¾-qt./800 mL Small, 1¾-qt./1.8 L Small Deep and 1-gal./4.4 L Medium Deep containers.
• Seals in Margarita/Wintergreen.
• Dishwasher safe. 

FridgeSmart® Get-It-All 11-Pc. Set

FridgeSmart® Get-It-All 11-Pc. Set with Quick Shake® Container
Save $134.00—$263.00 value

Keep it harvest fresh

Harvest time will soon be ending. Don’t let that pricey produce go to waste in the fridge. Keep it fresher longer in this unique collection with adjustable airflow vents. The Get-It-All set gives you maximum fresh-capturing capabilities for every shape and size of fruit and veggie.
Includes two ¾-qt./800 mL Small, four 1¾-qt./1.8 L Small Deep, two 1-gal./4.4 L Medium Deep, two 1¾-qt./1.8 L Medium containers and one 1½-gal./6.1 L Large container.
• Seals in Margarita/Sunny/Wintergreen.
• Dishwasher safe.