Monday, March 3, 2014

WHAT A DEAL! 10-Pc. Wonderlier® Bowl Set Only $59.

You will want to take advantage of this special Wonderlier Bowl Set deal. You get two sets (10 bowls) for only $59. Yes, what a deal. Get one for yourself and one to give later as a gift. Or show this special offer to a friend and get them to go in with you on this deal. Order the set and divide the bowls and the cost between yourselves. Place your order or check out other exciting offers by clicking on my website at this link DON'T DELAY. THIS SPECIAL PRICE ENDS MARCH 14, 2014.

10-Pc. Wonderlier® Bowl Set

10-Pc. Wonderlier® Bowl Set
Save $43.00—$102.00 value

Clearly, a classic collection

Create a perfect prep, storage and serving solution with these exclusive see-through containers and springtime seal colors. Includes two each of 2-cup/500 mL, 3¼-cup/800 mL, 4½-cup/1.1 L, 7-cup/1.7 L and 10½-cup/2.5 L bowls.
• Bowls nest for compact storage.
• In Caribbean Sea/Guava/Lychee/Salsa Verde/Tropical Water.
• Dishwasher safe.