Friday, August 15, 2014

Spice Containers Sets - Buy the Large Set, Get the Small Set Free!

Now through September 12, 2014 only, buy the large spice container set and get the smaller set free! You will be getting $34 worth of product for only $19. Click on the following link to place your order and/or check out the other item on sale and the new fall items and colors.

Spice Containers Set

Large and Small Spice Shakers/Black
Save $18.00—$40.50 value
Large and Small Spice Shakers/Passion
Save $15.00—$34.00 value

Keep spices fresh

Never worry about stale spices again. The double-hinged tops on these containers make it easy to spoon or sprinkle your favorite spices.

• Large Spice Shaker set includes four 1-cup/250 mL large containers.
• Small Spice Shaker set includes four ½-cup/125 mL small containers.
• Your choice of Passion or Black seal color.
Fill your containers with our Seasoning Blends