Monday, September 29, 2014

Thatsa® Bowl 4-Pc. Set - Buy One, Get One - Limited Time Only

How do you like all this pink? As a 26-year breast cancer survivor I am happy to head into October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with all this beautiful pink Tupperware. This lovely bowl set special is for a very limited time so place your order today. Keep one set for yourself and give the other to someone who loves the color pink or who is a breast cancer survivor. These also make great Christmas presents. Click to place your order.

Thatsa® Bowl 4-Pc. Set - Buy One, Get One

Thatsa® Bowl 4-Pc. Set (Buy One, Get One)
Save $86.00—$172.00 value

Classic favorite in a contemporary color

Multipurpose bowls give you a superior grip when preparing a variety of foods and recipes―from cookie dough to meatloaf to garden-fresh salads. Built-in thumb handle offers superior control when mixing or tossing.

Simply slide your thumb through the opening in handle and secure the bowl with your hand. This gives you greater control whether you're mixing on a flat surface or holding the bowl next to your body.

• Receive two each: 6-up/1.4 L Thatsa® Mini Bowl, 12-cup/2.8 L Thatsa® Jr. Bowl, 32-cup/7.6 L Thatsa® Bowl, 42-cup/10 L Thatsa® Mega Bowl.
• In Sugar/Pink Punch.
• Dishwasher safe.