Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Cereal Storer Trio Now Available For Only $29

Keep cereals fresh and do away with boxes and packages in your pantry. This set is available for only $29, a savings of $17. To check out this or other new items visit my website at

Cereal Storer Trio

Cereal Storer Trio
Save $17.00—$46.00 value

Wake up to fresh flavor

Meet an entire family of storage goodness. Keeps the fresh crunch in everyone’s morning favorites. Each seal includes a handy pout spout.
Set includes:
• 20-cup/4.8 L Super Cereal Storer with Fuchsia Kiss seal.
• Exclusive 13-cup/3.1 L Cereal Storer with Pink seal.
• Exclusive 3½-cup/850 mL Jr. Cereal Storer with Rhubarb seal—it‘s perfect for infant formula.
• All pieces dishwasher safe.