Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Salad on the Go in Pink and Save $6.00

This month you can purchase this Salad on the Go product in pink and save $6.00. If you ever take your lunch, especially salads, to work you need this item. To place your order or to check out the other October Pink items click here

Salad on the Go

Salad on the Go
Save $6.00—$20.00 value

Salad with sassitude

This is the new power lunch. Pack your salad full of healthy superfoods and take it to go in this sassy Salad on the Go container in exclusive Pink Punch. Includes:
• 6-1/4-cup/1.5 L bowl.
• 2-oz./60mL Tupper Mini container with liquid-tight seal.
• Snap-together knife and fork.
• In Pink Punch/Sugar.
• Dishwasher safe.