Monday, December 30, 2013

Great Sale Price on This One Touch® Reminder Canister Set

I can honestly tell you the One Touch Canisters are the absolute best canisters I have ever used in my 66 years of life.  That is not a sales pitch, that is the truth.  Absolutely nothing can find its way into one of these canisters once they are sealed! This is a neat set as you can tell at a glance when the contents need replacing. You can go very basic with the black seals or jazz it up a bit with passion (red) seals. Click here to order or to check out other Tupperware products.

One Touch® Reminder Canister Set

One Touch® Reminder Canister Set/Passion Seals
Save $16.00—$40.00 value
One Touch® Reminder Canister Set/Black Seals
Save $16.00—$40.00 value

Touch of a style

Our chic canister set doesn't just sit on the counter looking pretty. The special viewing window in the front reminds you when contents are running low. One Touch® seal comes on and off with the lightest touch, yet seals both air and liquid tight! Seals available in your choice of  Passion or Black.
Large: 17 1/2-cups (4 L)
7 1/2"Dia. x 8 3/8"H

Medium: 12-cups (2.8 L)
6 3/4"Dia. x 7 1/4"H

Small: 8-cups (1.9 L)
6"Dia. x 6 7/8"H

Junior: 5-cups (1.2 L)
5 1/8"Dia. x 6"H