Sunday, December 15, 2013

Save Now on This Cereal Storer Trio

When you keep your cereals in these handy cereal storer canisters you won't have to throw out cereal because it is stale.  No more ripped bags and cereal explosions all over the kitchen.  Get your cereals organized and keep them fresh is this great set.  Click here to go to my website where you can check out this as well as other great items.

Cereal Storer Trio

Cereal Storer Trio
Save $17.00—$46.00 value

Wake up to fresh flavor

Meet an entire family of storage goodness. Keeps the fresh crunch in everyone’s morning favorites. Each seal includes a handy pour spout.
Set includes:
• 20-cup/4.8 L Super Cereal Storer with Fuchsia Kiss seal.
• Exclusive 13-cup/3.1 L Cereal Storer with Pink seal.
• Exclusive 3½-cup/850 mL Jr. Cereal Storer with Rhubarb seal—it‘s perfect for infant formula.
• All pieces dishwasher safe.