Monday, December 2, 2013

Popsicle Red Round Pie And Pastry Container on Sale for $14.00

What better way to transport your special pie, cupcakes, cookies, etc this holiday season than in this lovely holiday Pie and Pastry Container?  Order this week to get the $14.00 sale price!  Click here

Round Container

Round Pie and Pastry Container
Save $7.00—$21.00 value

Storage for pies and more!

This versatile product can hold up to a single 9"/22.5 cm pie and keep it fresh under a virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal. The large textured tab on the seal provides a sure grip, making it easy to remove. The curved lip around the edge is a convenient place for your hands to grasp and carry the Round Container anywhere you need to go.
Prefer something other than pie? No problem. The Round Container also accommodates a dozen cupcakes and other baked goods like brownies and pizza or party dips and sandwiches, too!
  • 12"/30 cm. Dia.
  • In Popsicle/Snow White.
  • Dishwasher safe.